About D-Limitz

Darrell Jones (D-Marvalous), Daniel Jones (D.Jones) and Donnell Jones (Dolo Jenks), better known as D-Limitz are Musicians, Record Producers, and Artists whom collaborated to form their generic sound better known as “Hip-Hop Fusion”. Raised in the inner streets of New York, they maintained occupied through various activities in the arts earning widespread acclaim right out the gate with their debut mixtape “WE GOT THE JUICE” Hosted by DJ Absolut of the HOT 97 Radio Station. The Hit-Brothers embarked on their music career through the impact of exposure to the arts since birth.

Having low income, and being raised in a family of six, each of the siblings picked up an instrument and found themselves at peace. Blessed to be accommodated with some of the most respected musicians in multiple fields, the Joneses picked up instantly and found a way to share their experience of a new kind of love through music. In a rehearsal, on stage, or on national television, their presence alone reads a sign of leadership and dynamic capabilities. It is evident that performance is naturally a gift given and being able to share that with the world is what D-Limitz lives for.

From their early studies of Jazz music to African drumming, Music has equally been a love for each of these artists. The more they’ve experienced in the music scene, their level of professionalism in the music department has been respected. This opportunity allowed them to tap into their hidden talents thus motivating them to form a dynamic group. Breaking out as a collaborative music group, many have set high expectations in their music results. Without hesitation D-Limitz manages to produce music that touch basis on everyday struggles, life values, and more. Their time and dedication put into various genres of music is evident in their songs. To put a label on a specific genre they inquire is difficult, because D-Limitz sound is energetic, soothing, relatable, and inspirational. Such a sound varies from hip-hop, R&B, Pop, old school funk, and dance genres of music. They’ve been compared to artist such as Bone Thugs and Harmony, Wu –tang Clan, G – Unit, De la Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and Lost Boyz to name a few. There is no limit to what these brothers strive to accomplish. Eager and hungry for what the music industry presents is only motivation for what is to come next.

D-Limitz released a few singles from their debut album “Skyz D-Limitz”. Top quality songs with great productions are just a few words that describe the upcoming album exclusively produced by The HIT-BROTHERS. “Its Friday and I Just got paid”, “No Traps”, “Yo Body” are some of the singles off the album that motivate individuals to join the movement and request more sounds of excellence. The Hit-Brothers are simultaneously working on artists, signed under their record label’s debut projects to share love for other local talent on the rise.

The list goes on. They have performed in venues such as S.O.B’s, Madison Square Garden, Webster Hall, The Vault, Adelphi University and many more. Building a strong base through the education system, D-Limitz eye opening performance at Adelphi University’s Battle of the Bands 2014, were voted 1st place by popular demand from audience participation. Following the victory D-Limitz were granted the opening act for celebrity artists TimeFlies and Jason Derulo at Adelphi University’s Spring Concert. D-Limitz made appearances at the Museum for African Art, Apollo Theatre, La MaMa, The Undercroft Coffee House, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, United Nations Nigerian House, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music Dance Africa, African American Day Parade, West Indian Day Parade on Eastern Parkway, Central Park, Howard University, Penn State University, Temple University, Manhattan Community College, Long Island University, Suny Old Westbury, Medgar Evers College, Langston Hughes Library Kwanzaa Fest, Queens Harmony Day, Flushing Library, Flushing YMCA, Flushing Meadows Park, Grand Bay Marina, several fashion shows and community gatherings. They also performed at D-Club where they were the opening act for Fred the Godson. D-Limitz traveled to places such as Africa and South Korea to enhance their creative minds in diverse cultures. Performing internationally only contributed to more exposure with the world.

D-Limitz contains multi-talented artist who bring their interpretation of music that they have studied, to enthuse people of all ages. D-Limitz hopes to give back and open the ears of many to what good music sounds like, but more importantly what good music feels like. Support the D-Limitz movement, for bookings contact via email dlimitz.production.inc@gmail.com


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