D-Limitz share comparisons to A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Lost Boyz and Outkast.  With an abundance of original productions, these brothers from East New York are musicians to look out for!  They’ve performed in venues like Madison Square Garden, Apollo Theater, Webster Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Jacob Javits Center, S.O.B’s, and a host of Colleges.  Also openers for celebrity artists like Fetty Wap, Shaggy, Jason Derulo and Timeflies, D-Limitz are a credible experience .

Music is a universal language they use to express joy and inspire new possibilities. Activity inthe arts since young helped the Joneses stay out of trouble.  Blessed to be accommodated with some of the most prestigious artists, the Joneses picked up gradually and found a way to share their experience of a new kind of love through music.

Without a doubt, D-Limitz touch basis on everyday struggles, life values, aspirations, relationships, love, culture and more.  Years of dedication studying various genres of music is the recipe to this new sound they call “Hip-Hop Fusion.”

They traveled to places like West Africa and South Korea to study culture and share their experience back home.  Top quality songs like “Its Friday and I Just Got Paid”, “Who Got The Juice”, “Ima Do My Thang”, and “The Sky is D-Limitz” can be heard on  Subscribe to D-Limitz TV on

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